COVID-19 Support Initiative

We created a FREE online ordering platform to help your business through these difficult times.

Free Online Ordering

We created a free online ordering platform to help your business during COVID-19 closures.

A Letter from our CEO

The current circumstances surrounding the COVID-19 outbreak has hit all of us hard. Our team knew we had to shift our focus to support the entire restaurant industry and build something you need now.


Many full-service restaurants are struggling with the transition from in-restaurant dining to a takeout/delivery model. It's an entirely different business. To bridge this gap, we developed an online ordering platform to facilitate orders for pickup, as opposed to taking them over the phone. This platform is completely free, just pay the credit card processing fees.

We need to support our independent businesses during these turbulent times and provide them with the technology to maximize their profits. We rely on the hospitality industry and we will do anything we can to help you through this crisis.

Roberto Casoli, Co-founder & CEO

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