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Split. Tip. Dip.

CHK PLZ is a new app to pay for your bill at restaurants and bars right from your own phone, giving you the freedom and convenience to leave as you please. 

View your bill

in realtime on your own phone through our app at one of our participating locations.

Split your bill

Pay your bill

at your convenience without

ever waiting for the payment terminals.  

with friends evenly with one button, or pick individual items to share with anyone.

Pay your bill

with ease.

Pay & split your bar & restaurant bills from your phone


How to pay with CHK PLZ

Step 1

Check in

Check in at one of our participating locations.


Let your server know you're paying with CHK PLZ, and ask for your table number.



Enter your table number and invite friends into your group bill.

Step 2

Select Items

Select the items you want to pay for.

Split items or orders with friends.



Split the entire bill evenly with everyone.

Seat 1


Corn Fritters

Pork Carnitas Taco

Step 3

Pay your bill

Review your bill.



Leave your server a tip.



Pay from your phone and leave at your convenience.


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