payments for

bars & restaurants

Let your customers easily pay

from their own phones.

Give your customers more payment choice

COVID-19 Support Initiative

We created a FREE online ordering platform to help your business through these difficult times.

Easy to implement for your business and staff.

We work alongside your current payment terminals to provide an improved customer experience by simplifying the way you accept payments. Keep your current payment terminals, while giving your customers more payment options.

CHK PLZ is an extension of your existing POS system, allowing your customers to split & pay their bill from their phones.


There's no additional hardware and no changes to your workflow.

Walk-out prevention

We secure and guarantee all payments for any customer paying through our app. If a customer tries to dine-and-dash, we process their card with a default 15% TIP to make sure your business gets paid.

Increase staff TIPs and your bottom line

CHK PLZ transactions see on average an increase of 18% in TIPs. Make the most of your rush by flipping tables faster and getting more customers through your doors.

A better customer experience

Waiting for the bill is a thing of the past, and so is passing a payment terminal one-by-one to each of your customers. Let customers pay on their own, while your staff focuses on providing an amazing experience.

See why our customers love us

Our Companion App

Track daily, weekly and monthly tips.

See all CHK PLZ transactions in one place.

View active tables, checked-in customers and verified reviews.

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